Ella's 5 Learnings From A Decade In Wellness

By Ella Mills, Founder of Deliciously Ella

By Ella Mills, Founder of Deliciously Ella

Like so many of you, I’m always looking to implement healthy habits so that I can feel my best. Feeling my best has never been an aesthetic goal for me, it’s not about looking a certain way, but about improving my energy, my sleep, my mental health, and my sense of calm, creating a genuine sense of vitality. Looking after ourselves is often easier said than done though, especially with the busy lives so many of us lead. 

So, I’ve collated my five greatest learnings after a decade in the wellness industry. These are what I remind myself of constantly:

1. Stop waiting

Don’t put off making changes because you can’t make them all today. Stop waiting for the ‘perfect time’, saying, ‘when I lose weight, I’ll do X or Y; when I finish this project at work I’ll make time for myself; or next week I’ll start my health journey’. The truth is there will never be a perfect time, you never know how life will pan out, so stop putting things off. The best time to make a change is now. 

2. Go gently, ditching an all-or-nothing mentality

The best time is now, the best way is slowly and sustainably. Even with the best intentions all-or-nothing changes don’t tend to last. Most of us overestimate what we can achieve in a day, week or month and underestimate what we can achieve in a year or a decade. So, start today by simply asking yourself, ‘What’s the one thing I can do today to feel healthier, to move closer to my goals?’. At the bottom, I’ve shared some of my favourite classes, recipes and mindfulness practices. 

3. There’s no one-size fits all

Despite what the wellness industry might lead you to believe, there is no single definition of wellness. What it means to be well and how it feels is unique to each of us. No fad diet or celebrity trend will be the answer for everyone, just as no high-intensity fitness class or barre session is going to feel good for every type of body. Finding what works – what feels enjoyable, achievable and sustainable – is how you’re going to define what wellness looks like for you. Whether it’s packing more veg into a delicious, healthy home-cooked meal, taking a few minutes out of a stressful day to practise a breathing exercise, prioritising your sleep, or moving your body in nourishing ways, we want to give you the tools you need to start or continue your wellness journey and write your narrative. 

4. Give yourself credit

It can be hard to make changes - to get up earlier, to carve out space for self-care, to make a healthy meal. We’re quick to criticise ourselves for what we don’t do, but try celebrating your little wins and what you do make happen instead. 

5. Make a plan

Plan out a week of delicious meals, favourite a few online exercise classes or carve out a slot for me-time in your diary. By loosely planning out your meals and healthy habits at the start of the week, you can shop for exactly what you need, ensure you have the resources to make your goals happen and save time, money, and a whole lot of stress. 

 Just remember, your health isn’t a race, your progress won’t be linear, and it’ll take time to change your ingrained habits. You deserve to feel your best and investing in yourself is the best investment you could ever make.

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