Everything You Need to Know About Our New Website

1. What is the new DE membership?

It’s a way to consolidate an improved offering for our app subscribers and web-shop customers. There are two types of Membership:

Standard Monthly Member: anyone that was subscribed monthly to our app is immediately a member of this and can login to the new website. All your historic benefits remain the same, including full access to our 1000s of recipes and wellness content.

Premium Yearly Member: anyone that was subscribed to our app on an annual subscription is immediately a member of this premium tier. Your new perks include:

- 15% of our online shop, all the time. With shipping to the US, EU and U.K.

- Access to all our merch

- Access to all our recipe and wellness content

The price of an annual membership is £24.99 (so £2.80 a month, less than the cost of a coffee).

2. How can I upgrade from a Monthly Membership to a Yearly Membership?

Follow these instructions. It’s a quick, easy process that takes less than 1 minute.

3. Is the website content free for everyone?

No. Only members see the recipe and wellness content. Non-members see three pieces of content for free and then reach a paywall. Without becoming a member, all you see are the images and the titles. The blog: an educational hub with articles, is free for everyone.

4. How can I shop my 15% off?

Login to the new website with your app email and password. If you’re a premium yearly member, then the discount is automatic for you. If you’re a monthly member, you’ll see the discount, but it won’t apply at checkout without upgrading your membership.

5. Can everyone buy merch?

No. Merch is for our premium yearly members only. Again, monthly members can instantly switch to a yearly membership to access the new perks.

6. Where do you ship to?

The US, the EU and the UK. All our premium yearly members in these countries can shop with 15% off. We are working on logistics to Australia at the moment and hope to go live in early 2024

7. Can I shop within the app?

Not yet, you need to login to the website to get the discount and shop our products. We will update the app over the next few months, adding an in-app shop.

For more membership FAQs please have a look here.

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