1 February 2023

Jake Humphrey: intrusive thoughts, morning routine and the power of optimism

This week Ella is joined by Jake Humphrey. Jake is a sports presenter and co-host of The High Performance Podcast. In this incredibly vulnerable and inspiring conversation, Jake opens about his experience of struggling with his mental health, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts, all the while succeeding in his professional life; as well as the tools, self-care habits, and mindset shifts that helped him get to a happier and healthier place.


They discuss:

  • Taking each day as it comes and releasing the expectation of being perfect
  • Succeeding professionally while struggling internally
  • The reality of Jake’s experience with anxiety and intrusive thoughts
  • The power of the mind and how to reframe your thoughts to seek out opportunity and true happiness
  • Jake’s key to success in his professional life and with overcoming his mental health challenges
  • The fear of failure and getting out of the ‘comfy chair’
  • Finding purpose and committing to a life of constant growth
  • The importance of a morning routine and Jake’s ‘daily basics’



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