14 February 2023

Sneak preview: The Jay Shetty episode

This week Ella is joined by Jay Shetty. Jay is a #1 Sunday Times and #1 New York Times bestselling author, award-winning podcast host of On Purpose, and the Chief Purpose Officer of Calm. Since launching his video channel in 2016, Jay’s wisdom videos have garnered over 10 billion views and gained over 50 million followers across his social media. He is one of the most viewed people on the internet on the planet.


In this conversation, Jay and Ella dive into Jay’s extraordinary journey from a rebellious teenager in London, to a business graduate, to then living as a monk in an Ashram in India for 3 years, to then leaving the monk lifestyle and getting to where he is today, sharing his inspiring and motivational messages with millions of people worldwide. 


They discuss:

  • External expectation and pressure to lead a conventional life
  • Reconciling two different parts of yourself
  • How to cultivate self-belief to follow your heart and intuition
  • Navigating life-altering decisions
  • How to pursue your purpose
  • Jay’s non-negotiables for feeling his best 
  • Why love is a foundational element of our mental and physical health



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