18 October 2022

Is having it all a myth, embracing discomfort and protein powders with Farrah Storr

This week I’m joined by journalist and author Farrah Storr. Farrah was the editor of Women’s Health magazine, Cosmo and Elle. In 2018 she published The Discomfort Zone: How to Get What You Want by Living Fearlessly. She is passionate about personal growth, the need to embrace discomfort, the implausibility of having it all (at one time) and making space for a creative outlet.

We discuss:

  • Wellness trends and shifts within the industry
  • The need to embrace our fears
  • How pushing ourselves can feel at odds with current societal narratives
  • How life is a series of choices, which we must learn to live by
  • The myth of having it all
  • The need for creative expression


Each week I unpack a wellness trend with GP Gemma Newman. This week on Fact or Fad we’re looking at protein powders.


More about Farrah:

The Discomfort Zone


Farrah's newsletter:

Things Worth Knowing


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